The story of how I followed my heart and followed the call to explore an abandoned shipwreck while rising above fear.

As an introduction to the wealth of content I have captured under my previous brand - KRD Photography, I wish to share a series of blog posts where I tell story's of some of my adventures exploring abandoned places that have resulted in my amazing portfolio of images, So here we go!

The weather is perfect as I take one last look back at the Carnival Victory before heading off to explore the tropical Grand Turk Island - The capital of Turks and Caicos Islands

I find myself walking up the stairs to the breakfast buffet. I am ever so slightly exhausted from the night before. "Luckily I had a good sleep" I thought to myself as I remembered all the ecstatic moments of connection and joy. It has been a few days of dancing since boarding

The Groove Cruise - A 96 hour electronic rave - On a cruise ship

sailing from the port of Miami, all the way to Turks Island and back.

I feel excitement for the day ahead - although I am ready to fill my belly up with as much food as I can handle.

I arrive to the top of the stairs
"Ahh we made it! We're on land now" I say to myself as I scan the horizon from way above the ocean on the top deck of the outrageously large ship I had grown accustomed to for the past two days.

That's when I spot an abandoned beauty washed up on the sandy shoreline straight calling out for me.

Smashing down my food with my inner explorer ready to burst outta me, I grab my camera bag and start walking towards the beach.

Yeah - there was a entire beach party with a full blown stage setup with drinks and everything in between, however - Lo and behold - My soul was calling me elsewhere.

With my sights set on the distance - off I went. Joining with me were a few friends I had made aboard who were initially keen to explore with me, Until we came to a sign.

Do not enter!
Port of Turks and Caicos Island"

Washed ashore the sandy shoreline, lay the remains of cargo ship Mega One Triton

Me and my 3 friends stop in our tracks. "Ahh damn what a bummer! We can't go on!.."
Well that was my first thought at least. For a moment I consider allowing a sign dictate how I live my life. Unconsciously - groupthink was influencing my decisions.
That was until I notice another guy from our ship, all on his own walk straight past this "warning" sign - unfazed.
Leaving my small group - I slip-line behind the path of energy this lone guy made, and I walk straight into the unknown.

That's when I meet Tatiana

Approaching the ship, I meet a fellow creative and model from Atlanta who is also drawn towards the shipwreck.
"I want to capture some photos for my Instagram" She exclaimed. After forming a connection, we agree to go together to see what we can capture together.

As we get closer, I suddenly notice there are more people from our cruise ship who have came here as well. People who hadn't allow the grip of fear to hold them back. Including other adventurers who had already made it up onto the ship!

I feel my being expanding into a different world. My heart is aching to get into the ship and explore somehow. Searching for a way in, It seems the only way in is through the back, and that is facing the ocean. I know I ain't the strongest swimmer in the world. I hate the water. Plus I have my camera bag that I can't get wet.. Shit..

With my mind trying to figure out a way in, I remember the people up top and shout out.

"Bro! Is there a rope up there? I need to get my bag up!"

Tatiana modelling away with our cruise ship in the background

The kind hippie above throws me down a rope. It isn't really a rope. I quickly decide to go ahead anyway and I carefully tie my camera bag containing my expensive camera onto the crappy rope joined to a corroded steel cable - Putting my full faith into some random guy I just met on top of the abandoned ship. "It's all-good man!" He exclaimed.

I run around the back and start doggy-paddling through the tropical ocean. I struggle to swim, however I slowly get there with the waves pushing me around. I manage to climb up over the barnacle lined loading bay, where the waves have endlessly slammed against the corroding steel.

Aboard the ship I am stuck in awe over the beauty that has presented itself to me. Bright orange iron oxide has penetrated what was once painted fresh white. I personally find such beauty in abandoned places like this that I haven't really found anywhere else in this modern world we live in.

I notice an energy of excitement and passion building within me, and with my camera now in my hand - I witness myself stepping into into a completely different version of myself. With my souls purpose running through my veins, Tatiana and I eagerly explore the different parts of the ship. Capturing what I can only really describe as pure magic, with the universe guiding us together to collaborate on one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

The following images have shown me that my hearts desires have the fullest potential to be manifested in the physical - For I had imagined an experience like this a year prior - Only this surpassed my wildest dreams.

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