Are you ready to unleash your souls expression
into the New Earth?
Down to Earth Media's mission is to inspire the embodiment of ones unique and authentic expression of self - while encouraging a deep connection back to the Earth - all within a story of visual artistry.

Let's ground down and birth your soul's essence into existence 

Based in Northern Rivers, NSW - We specilize in creating high-vibe content using both high quality videography and eye popping photography; all with the loving intention to make it easier to market and promote your unique soul essence into the world

Together, we can co-create a new paradigm


From one on one photoshoots capturing the embodiment of your souls essence, to up-close product shots of your intricate creations, we capture stunning imagery so you can show yourself to the world with confidence


Are you the next upcoming musician ready to level up your game with a creative music video?

We pride ourselves in creating a wide range of promotional videos for your social media presence


From day long permaculture events to multiple day wellness retreats - We are available to capture your next event
"Karl so beautifully crafted what was needed, no more and no less. That is an art in my opinion, Karl’s grounded focus to refine what was given and portray a service that took me many years to understand simply.
He knew the specifics of what belonged where when it came down to shots, sound and the message that I wished to convey. I am truly so impressed with how Karl managed to capture the essence of what it is I offer."


Ayurvedic Practitioner
"I truly recommend Karl's work.

He is absolutely incredible with what he does. Not only has he captured my vibe, my passion and my love for what I do through video, He has also helped elevate my business & website to the next level

- I couldnt be more thankful"


Handpan Artist
"Karl gave great direction, was extremely efficient with the time and light we had - The photos were exactly what we were going for and even better then I thought I could model. Karl really made his best to make the environment comfortable. Would recommend Karl to anyone looking for a professional photographer who will work with you towards your content creation goals" ❤️ Angel xx


Health & Wellness Coach
"Karl has an ability to capture a depth of expression to tell a story that remains with you long after the event has passed. 

His photography is unique, real, and professional. I would recommend him and continue to value the work he's done for me"


Wild Earth Festival Coordinator
"I am incredibly grateful to have collaborated with Karl through Down To Earth Media as he has time and again shown a dynamic approach to capture the heart of what I share and adapt to the creative setting. 

His dedication to the craft of film and production knows no bounds. He put in 100% to align with the vision we both created.

I highly recommend Karl as a professional in the field of film and production to amplify an artists message to the world"


Independant Muscian
"Karl always captures moments of magic from our events, beautiful photography that encapsulates what outdoor events are about"


DJ & Music Producer

About us

The wizard behind the lens - Karl
Combining his love of creating digital content and living in harmony with the Earth we all walk on - Karl has been behind the lens for 7 years, snapping away and capturing the essence of people from all walks of life, from aussie bush doofs to corporate events; Karl knows how to efforltessly connect with everyone and make them feel comfortable and confident.

Karl loves to place his focus on capturing and creating consious content around inspiring and improving the ways in which we can live harmoniously with mother nature, for she provides the enviroment for our future generations to walk, laugh and play on.

If you feel you resonate - lets collaborate


Videography Services

120 minute on-location videoshoot
Includes edited and colour graded promotional clips upto 3min in length

 - $550

Half day (4 hour) video hire for music video or short films

- $770

Full day video shoot (8 hour)

- $1110

Photoshoot Packages


Explore and embrace your authentic self
60 minute On-Location Photoshoot
20 Hi-Res Edited Images
2 changes of clothing



Embody the version of yourself you desire to be
2 hour On-Location Photoshoot
Includes costume hire aiming for 2 distinct concepts.
40 Hi-res professionally edited images
Makeup included via Holly Rose Makeup


Give yourself the permission to take charge of your life
4 hour On-Location or Studio Photoshoot
Up to 2 locations with four concepts
60 Hi-res professionally edited images
We also enlist the creative support of talented stylist Rylie

All photoshoots include a 30 minute clarity call where we allow the creative juices to flow, all while tuning into the highest and most potent expression that wants to come through.

We create a mood board depicting the themes and concepts you most resonate with.

On the day at prior to the photoshoot we have a heart opening Cacao ceremony beforehand to really bring through the support of your spirit guides and ground down your most appropriate and authentic expression suited for your expression.

Let's collaborate

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Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia
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Byron Bay, NSW

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